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World Association of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic has been founded in Beijing on October 28, 2002 uniting global and regional efforts from Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Kingdom of Tonga, Thailand, Brunei to name a few.  And a symposium for voting in the World Abacus and Mental Arithmetic assessment criteria and correspondence contest measure has been called upon on December 16, 2003 designating August 8 as the “World Abacus Day, a day that all countries around the world would stage celebratory activities, work together to reviving abacus and mental arithmetic learning trend in excelling the development of the abacus and mental arithmetic enterprise.


Through invitation for gathering abacus elites under one roof, an united effort is sought to explore the IQ enhancing yield that abacus/mental calculation aptitude could offer through stepping up the exchange within the abacus sector, mirroring abacus skills of one another, as well as solidifying a consensus in the abacus field to excel the sector’s development and prosperity, and to globalize the craft of abacus worldwide by deep-rooting the venture in Taiwan for global outreach.


On Sunday, August 7, 2005


At Taipei County Government Building  (at 6F.Room 603,  No.161, Sec. 1, Jhongshan Rd., Banciao City, Taipei County 220, Taiwan)

Head Organizers

Taiwan Provincial Government

 Taiwan Chamber of Commerce


The General Chamber of Commerce

Chinese Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association

Chinese Cultural and Economic Association

Chinese Abacus & Mental Calculation Development Association
Abacus & Menta
l Arithmetic Association of the R.O.C.
Chinese Mathematics Education Academy

Association of Abacus Calculation and Mental Arithmetic and Mathematics

Chinese Academy of the Abacus
Chinese International Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Association 
Chinese Practical Abacus Study Academy
Chinese Mental Arithmetic Academy
Taipei Children's Education Academy 
Taipei Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association

Taipei Calculation Academy
Taiwan Calculation Association 

Taiwan Abacus Education Association
Kaohsiung Abacus and Mathematics Institute


of event


National Abacus Celebration of World Abacus Day Rally Ceremonies, held at Taipei County Government Building on August 7, 2005


National Abacus Contest


National Mental Arithmetic Contest (Prized contest)
Time limit of mental arithmetic was changed to 3 minutes ; additional contest of the same score stayed as 30 seconds.